Coconuts and Bubbles: from a game to a business


Coconuts and Bubbles was born on 08/ 01/ 2010. Was born on this date in facts, but it existed just as an idea something like 14 years ago.

It started from a hobby and personal skills and is now shared with the public as a local and on-line business.

Maria C, myself,  the first "Coconut",  was brought up in South of Italy, where hand-making for the house linens and decoration has always been a woman's occupation, and still is nowadays.

In any country and village, when women didn't take part in the countryside work, they played a central role in the house management by making and fixing small and larger objects and clothes.
The attention for details and the gentle touch is just very "womanish".

The modern mass made garments, linens and decorations we need to admit often 'just lack in that'.

Mass made production has lost human touch in favour of profits without style.
I love humans, I love clothes thought and inspired by humans, not by machine design, and I want to buy garments made by a person for another person, with personal, very personal features, maybe not perfect, but with a human sense.
This is a reason for handmade, nowadays.


Do You??