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My Apologies

posted 5 Oct 2011, 12:13 by Maria C Monteleone
Dear All,
I would like to say sorry for myself being away from tHe shop and the business for such a long time during the months of August and September. I had to stay longer in Italy with parents to investigate and take care for some health problems and I managed to be fine just at the end of September.
Estella has been so kind to be at the shop most of the day, however I apologize to the customers that couldn't reach the shop after 4 pm and on Saturdays because it was closed.
I am back Monday the 10th, unfortunately to keep myself a bit more healthy I will have to be at the shop just afternoons, for half of the day... Too much work is never to healthy..However I am now happy and willing to take care of the work the best I will be able!