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Complaints on work done while I was away

posted 14 Jun 2012, 14:20 by Maria C Monteleone

Dear All customers,
I am finally resuming some work after being so long away for family and health reasons related to my pregnancy.
Any time I left some other dressmaker working at the shop I did in absolute trust that she was able to do the majority of the work and she wouldn't take any job she wouldn't be able to finish on time and correctly, that most of the time just means being and adult and responsible person.
Unfortunately the only very bad complaints I ever had in these years were on work I couldn't check myself because of being away.
Of course it has been my choice to keep the shop open and to give trust to the persons, after knowing them for many months.
I already received some complaints about the work done in April or May 2012, if any of you wasn't very happy, please let me know and I will do my best to put things right in work or money compensation, reassuring everybody that the person is not any more working at the shop and that I am taking care of the garments personally.
Maria C.

Month of June at the shop

posted 22 May 2012, 00:36 by Maria C Monteleone

Dear all customers,
is Maria writing to say I am soon back at the shop, after a long time away.
As many know I am now half way my pregnancy and not too much available for hard work!
In the month of May and June Lisa will take care of your alterations.
We are discussing about the future of the shop in the next year, myself I will give birth in Italy, I hope I can assure good service with a skilled person running the shop in the meanwhile.
Thanks all for being so close and affectionate in the first months of my pregnancy,
I will see many of you soon,
Maria C.

Month of April: Lisa is working at the shop

posted 15 Apr 2012, 12:41 by Maria C Monteleone

To all the shop customers,
I apologise for not being at the shop for many weeks, I needed some time away.
Lisa is doing well carrying on with the all the sewing, please refer to her for your requests during these days.
I will be back around the 23rd of April.
Maria C.

Make you skirt to your measures

posted 6 Mar 2012, 14:32 by Maria C Monteleone

A new course has been launched, in three classes you will be able to draft a pencil skirt or A line skirt pattern according to your measurements, then learn some sewing techniques and apply them to sew the skirt up
Skill level: beginners: materials needed: fabric, tissue paper, possibly your machine, but is not strictly necessary.
Time and dates: one to one class, you choose the date and time.

Check the attached file for the detailed description.

Shop closed for December holidays

posted 21 Dec 2011, 14:13 by Maria C Monteleone

Dear Customers, the Bedford shop will be closed from the 24th of December to the 8th of January, have a fantastic time these festive period! 

November Crafty Women Club Meeting

posted 22 Oct 2011, 12:24 by Maria C Monteleone

Dear all,
 check details of the next meeting for the Crafty Women Club in Bedford in November in the dedicated page:
Happy to see many of you then!
Maria C.

My Apologies

posted 5 Oct 2011, 12:13 by Maria C Monteleone

Dear All,
I would like to say sorry for myself being away from tHe shop and the business for such a long time during the months of August and September. I had to stay longer in Italy with parents to investigate and take care for some health problems and I managed to be fine just at the end of September.
Estella has been so kind to be at the shop most of the day, however I apologize to the customers that couldn't reach the shop after 4 pm and on Saturdays because it was closed.
I am back Monday the 10th, unfortunately to keep myself a bit more healthy I will have to be at the shop just afternoons, for half of the day... Too much work is never to healthy..However I am now happy and willing to take care of the work the best I will be able!

March meeting CWCB

posted 27 Feb 2011, 05:10 by Maria C Monteleone

The Crafty Women Club will meet again in March on Thursday the 24th at C&B shop.
Topic of the day will be Knitting and Felting.
Experts are welcome to share secrets with the novices.
6:30 to 8:30 pm, £2 fee,
See you then
Maria C.

The Crafty Women Club meets 17th of February

posted 12 Feb 2011, 00:07 by Maria C Monteleone

Dear ladies interested in needlecrafts and doing things yourself..
The next Crafty Women Club meeting at Bedford C&B shop will be next week, the 17th of February from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.
The topic of the day is rag rugs making!!!
Bring any scrap materials to play with, I have a wide selection, so we will have a go on making simple rugs.
Bring any project you ar doing or book, to dscusss idea ad share advice.
See you then!!

Shop closed in December...

posted 15 Dec 2010, 01:52 by Maria C Monteleone

The shop in Tavistock street will be closed from the 20th of December to the 6th of January, because I am going to see my parents in Italy!! Sorry for any work that needs to be done in these days, I hope we can catch up starting from the 7th of January!
Maria C.

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