C&B Commitment to Tradition and Environment

 C&B Commitment to Tradition

We all have a history, personal family one, from our place and country and we all care for it, as a sensible lovely  custom.
Tradition is a thread that, continuous through centuries and generations, keeps the old  and the new firmly together.
C&B loves traditional women crafts and supports their diffusion and modern interpretation.
Sewing, knitting, crochet, lace, embroidery, rug making are our best crafts.
They all entangle the  threads of patience and  love for kind details in useful objects for the house and the family.

 C&B Commitment to Environmental Protection

At Coconuts and Bubbles everything is handmade, except for materials and wool/cotton thread used.
If we are asked to provide materials for dressmaking services, preference is given to local and UK producers and retailers who manage their business with care for environment and diversity.
We try to keep any spare bits and remnants for future use, and many items on sale in the on line shop are made from remnants sourced from various shops and locally.
The scrap material from repairs and dressmaking is reused in toy-filling, traditional patchwork and rug making.
Re-used bags are chosen when the items sale requires regular packaging.